Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Release Party

I'm not very interested in sports but today I found out that a new CD with songs cheering for AIK (the local team in Stockholm) just came out and I'm obviously on it.


Kat said...


Anonymous said...

What is your favorite sport skinny?
Because when I saw you in Mexico's concert you had muscles and everything.

Atte: Caesar from obviously Mexico city.

Skinny Disco said...

The only sport I follow is Formula 1.
I don't do much sports myself but I visit the gym occasionally.

Anonymous said...

Det ska vara DjurgÄrden skinny:)

fivemagics said...

One day I hope to see you guys play live. I've seen pictures though, Caesar is right. However, most people underestimate me for my thinness, I'm stronger than I look. I suppose that might happen to you sometimes.