Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Yet another Vampire night

The Tax Evasion Guy called me and said he had to escape to Germany (my guess is Berlin). Anyway, it was his night to DJ down at Vampire Lounge but as the good friend I am I came for rescue even though I was enjoying my self in the sun at the Mosebacke Terrace. For your information, the picture was taken right before I started DJing and I'm not actually writing this blogpost myself. Hehe...


Kazzie said...

-Lol. So wicked. Have a good time, Skinny? And WHO may I ask is writing this blog post for him? ;)

alvaro ramos said...

Hey Skinny, great picture muahahhha
When Deathstars will came back to Brazil?
I wanna get your autograph, heheh
I took a picture with you here in Brazil, even you dont stopping but now I want my CDs with your autograph hehhehe

Silmarwen said...

Nice pic!
ohh I discover today the group Swordmaster (the past group of whip and Nightmare)and I will like to say that I prefer the style of Deathstars more than the music of Swordmaster.
You really rock guys!

William said...

hehe! That's a really cool pic Skinny!! ;) xD
Wish U continue enjoying a great time man!! :D

Psychobunny said...

*SNORT* Very nice posing my dear

P.I.G Andreas said...

Hey Skinny! You're a true face. I like the picture!

Miyu Matsumoto said...

Reminds me of Kazzie when she first wakes up XD