Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Australian Tattoo

Yesterday evening we were invited to a barbeque at Sammy & Matt's house.
We got really nice food and beers.

So after petting a kangaroo, eating kangaroo sausages, having a last name that sounds like kangaroo I had no other option than visiting my friends at Platinum Ink to make a kangaroo-tattoo.
I would like to thank Jo and Jane for this beautiful beast.


Anonymous said...

That is on motherfucking nice tattoo .. Hope you like Australia as much as me. xoxo Nemo

pinkladyofdarkness said...

Nice tattoo. It´s great. Have a nice time in Australia.

Silmarwen said...

OMG! Another tattoo?

I going to tell you a story about the name of this animal de kangaroo.

When the first british arrive to Australia and see this animal, they ask to the natives of the country:
-What´s the name of this animal?
And the natives answer:
-kangaroo (in native language means "i don´t understand you")

hehehe, it's a funny curiosity, but I don´t know if it´s true or false.

When you come to Spain again, I hope you make you a new tattoo here, but not the famous spanish bull eh??

Please, If you see a Koala, could you take it a picture for me?
I love those animals.

Sammii said...

The tatt looks awesome Skinny!

Hope you had a great night last night , we did! ;-)

Maneki Neko ^. .^ said...

Hey Skinny!Nice tattoo!Don't you wanna make a Crocodile tattoo?Heehee!XD Baci baci!

Amber said...

It was really nice meeting yeseterday Hads a great time love the new ink

Babeyoca said...

fucking cool tattoo!;)
Is it true that today Sydney was covered by a sandstorm?=O

cyanide said...

sweet tatt skinny! never seen a kangarroo pose like that lol
love ashe

Kajan said...

Skinny. I've heard that Deathstars will be performing in Ronneby on November the 7th. I cant find any info on your website. Can you please confirm?

Anonymous said...

How can you EAT kangaroo meat after just petting on it?Disquisting...

Thils said...

LOL its the love of kangaroos i tell you. awesome tatt.

Anonymous said...

So glad you had fun and awesome tattoo!!! Hope to see you soon!


Anonymous said...

That is beautiful dude

Lori said...

How can you EAT kangaroo meat after just petting on it?Disquisting...

Sifat syed mohammad said...

I did not know this tattoo trend was going around. Sporting someone else’s brand name or logo - as a tattoo - is it just free promotion for all?

Why do people get tattoos of brands? Is it because they own the brand? Because if I personally owned a clothing label/nightclub/company, I’d be able to think of a million better ways to spend $50. Is it because you think the CEO of said company will see your cool new ink and award you some merchandise? Even if so, the best you’ll get is a cap that probably has the same logo on it and you’ll end up looking like an even bigger dickhead…

(if that is possible) than you did originally. I won’t lie, if Streets alerted me to the fact that a Bubble O Bill tattoo would result in a lifetime supply of free ice cream, I’d probably go get the tat today. However, (despite my many attempts to get in touch with Streets) this will never happen and I would end up looking like a moron with a sexually ambiguous cowboy on my lower back (I’d get it there for added lols).

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