Wednesday, December 10, 2008

New Video!

Our brand new, fantastic looking DEATHSTARS video for "Death Dies Hard" had its world premiere on Monday, December 8th on our MySpace page

The single is to be released on January 2nd and will contain special features watch out! The album "Night Electric Night" will be out January 30th!


Death Dies Hard


Plastic said...

That's my second facourite of your videos. I still think that Blitzkrieg was a bit better, because there are some things I dislike about your new video. But good job nonetheless and I will stay waiting for your new album. :)

Alex said...

I love this video good work man I had a hard time choosing which of all your videos that I liked the most in the end it came down to Cyanide and Death Dies Hard.

But I choose Death Dies Hard Cyanide comes in 2nd and Blitzkreig follows closely in 3rd.

As usual great work Skinny keep in touch love u guys.
xxxx Alex xxxx

Anonymous said...

Good afternoon ! I'm fond of this video, and, of course, the other that you have done. However, I'm worried about something : I don't undertand the meaning of this video. Of course, it's linked with the lyrics but their signification is so vast that you may have imagine something very different ... Would you mind enlighten me ?