Sunday, October 12, 2008


On Friday it was Ewelinas birthday and we just finished mixing and mastering the album so I joined up with a quite happy gang around 1 AM.
When the bar closed I insisted on more drinks so we went home to my place for Jim Beam & Coke and the wonderful splatter classic "Terror Firmer".

I got up around 2 PM and realized quickly that I had to be at KGB for our listening session in an hour.
About 20 journalists from all over Europe showed up but the bigger part of the Swedish press had better things to do (hmm).
After the listening session we went to Monks for dinner, very nice.
We finished the night at ROCKS and I was already home and in bed by 2 AM.

Luckily I didn't have too much to do today so I found my old Playstation 2 and got stuck with that for several hours.
Later tonight we'll meet up with Ogg and Freya who put down all they're free time to make us look good for the upcoming album. 

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