Sunday, April 20, 2008

Trash Fest, Helsinki

I spent this weekend in Helsinki, invited to DJ @ Mama Trash Festival.
I came to my hotel around 2 o clock on friday afternoon, with the room-number signed by the devil himself. I had a quick shower before diving into the minibar and then off to the party.
I got to the venue around 6 o clock and after a lot of saying "hi, nice to see you again", I decided to take a powernap during Sexy Death's soundcheck. At 8 o clock it was time for me and Acey Slade to have a little "Meet & Greet" with our lovely fans. 
Friday nights line-up was: 
Violent Divine
Sexy Death
Icon Trash
Private Line
The night passed without any big scandals and I decided to go home before anyone had a chance to mention the magic word "afterparty".

I woke up at 9:45 AM eager to try the hotel breakfast. I ate three big plates (yes, even I eat sometimes) and then I went up to the room for more hugging the pillow. I woke up again at 4:00 PM with a pounding headache determined to find a supermarket so that I could get me some beers. I met up with my friends from Austria for some drinks before it was time to head back to the scene of the crime.
I was the first one out to DJ this night so that I could focus on more important things later ;-) Like the prvious night I was mostly hanging out with Acey Slade and Jussi from 69 Eyes. Later during the evening the rest of the Eyes showed up, John Wayne came by for a quickie and Andy McCoy from Hanoi Rocks made a clear notice of that he still can party like no one else.
Saturday nights line-up was:
Vanity Beach
Stereo Junks
Dope Stars Inc
Gemini Five
and of course the Mama Trash All Star Band
The night ended in happyness and I managed to rumble back to the hotel around 3:00 AM.
Yet a successful weekend in the life of Skinny dinny doo.


Monica said...

Hej Skinny! kul att du skaffat blogg!
Hoppas allt e fint!
/ Monica

Camila said...

Hey Skinny!!
Just leaving a hello from Brazil!!
It seems that "Trash Fest." was great, hum?
Take care!!

Vermillion said...

It's wonderful you had a good time, Skinny. Wish you the best!